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Development, Suggestions / ListMailPRO v1.89 - mysqli and UTF8 support
« on: February 20, 2018, 12:35:19 am »
A small but important update has recently been posted to the members area.

The update includes mysqli support for newer versions of PHP and UTF-8 support which allows sending in any language and should eliminate a few recurring issues.

To upgrade, replace all of your LMP files (except CGI scripts and the config.php file) with the new ones and browse to the login page so database updates can take effect.

If you have any problems with the new files please start a support ticket of the type "Other / Bug Investigation" for best results or post in the General Support forum.


Until this becomes a feature, here's a hack:

Copy dailymail.php to dailymail2.php. Edit dailymail2.php as follows:

Change "2" to "99" on line 146:

Code: [Select]
$batid = qstart(99);
This prevents the Dailymail report from being sent when there are messages.


Add ",date" to line 446:

Code: [Select]
   $qrows = mysql_query("select id,list,subject,message,htmessage,fattach,date from $qtable where date <= '".date("Y-m-d")."' and type = 'm' order by id");
Add ",$qdate" to line 449:

Code: [Select]
The queued date is retrieved for comparison later.


Add " && false" to line 848:

Code: [Select]
  if($sendq==0 && false){
This disables the Dailymail Report when there are no messages.


Add this starting at line 450, after the line "while(list($qid ...":

Code: [Select]
     $dstime='0000'; // default sending time 0000 to 2359
     list($stime)=explode(' ',$qsubj);
     if(is_numeric($stime) && strlen($stime)==4) $qsubj=substr($qsubj,strpos($qsubj,' ')+1); else $stime=$dstime;
     if(round($stime)>date("Gi") && $qdate==date("Y-m-d")) continue;
     // END TIME MOD

This checks the subject for the time and removes it if found, and skips sending if a message is scheduled for later than the current day and time.


If you're using the optional daily-xtra.php script, "comment out" lines 841-845, like so:

Code: [Select]
// if(file_exists('./daily-xtra.php')){
//    if($outp) echo "Running daily-xtra.php..<br>";
//    include('./daily-xtra.php');
//    mysql_select_db($sqldb);
//  }


Notes / instructions:

- Add &nosched=1 to the regular dailymail.php once-per-day cron task to suppress scheduled message processing, e.g. as follows (note: quotes around URL are important):

Code: [Select]
0 0 * * * /usr/bin/wget -O /dev/null -T 0 "" 1>/dev/null 2>&1
- Schedule the modified (see above) dailymail2.php script for every 15 or 30 minutes, skipping 'last ran' checking and updating and suppressing all but scheduled messages, e.g. as follows:

Code: [Select]
*/15 * * * * /usr/bin/wget -O /dev/null -T 0 "" 1>/dev/null 2>&1
- There is currently no report sent to the admin when scheduled messages are sent. It is recommended to set up test addresses on your lists and perhaps enable the SMTP log temporarily to ensure everything is being sent to the server as expected. A custom report could be added fairly easily but I wanted to publish the mod in its simplest form first and foremost.

- To schedule by time, add 4 digits and a space to the beginning of the subject when scheduling messages, e.g. "1234 Example Subject". The dailymail2.php script will read the digits as the time to send (0000 to 2359), and remove them automatically before sending. Note that if any combination other than 4 digits and a space appears it will NOT be processed or removed and the default time as configured in the mod (above set to 0000, midnight) will be used instead.

- All times use the server time zone which can be viewed on the Dailymail page within LMP.

Testimonials, Feedback / A candid testimonial
« on: November 23, 2007, 08:03:59 pm »
Thank you, Dean,

I've bought ListMail and already had aMember - they are both set up now and I will be able to do what I wanted easily.

I think ListMail is fantastic and the best emailing system I've ever used.


Victor's site (check it out!)

Website Strategies - How to make your website successful!

:: -----Original Message (Sales Email)-----:
:: Hello,
:: > How hard is it to integrate ListMail with 'Amember'
:: membership software?
:: > Do you have any information about this I could read?
:: Amember features a ListMail plugin you can purchase:
:: > Would you provide help getting both integrated if I came
:: across problems?
:: I help out with integration on a limited basis through the
:: Customizations
:: forum where many examples are available for reference.  For
:: help with the
:: aMember plugin you will have to speak to aMember tech support.
:: > User signs up to receive a "free report or download" - He
:: opts-in to the
:: > mailing list and then goes to a download page - meanwhile he gets
:: > subscribed to an Amember membership...?
:: Anything is possible with a little custom script.  aMember
:: should be step
:: one, I think, so the integration should likely be done on
:: the aMember side.
:: Please let me know if you have any more questions!
:: Regards,
:: Dean Wiebe
:: ListMail Developer

Server Optimization, Tweaks / MSN has added a feedback loop!
« on: August 27, 2007, 03:55:29 am »
It looks like MSN has beaten Yahoo! at implementing a very useful feedback loop.

I expect at some point in the future to provide a script that will remove complainants automatically by way of following the returned "Remove Link".  Such a script is already available for AOL here.


Testimonials, Feedback / More happy clients :-)
« on: July 20, 2007, 02:31:30 am »
I recently spoke about my current situation and some owners couldn't help but thank me for my hard work. It's times like this when I know I'm doing right by my clients (the best I can) and that it is worth it to go above and beyond the call of duty when required.
Quote from: "AlanT"
If Listmail is the product of your apprenticeship, you are a programming GOD! It's amazing how many different server configurations you are able to comply with in a single system.

If any of your multiple streams of income involve the creation of another product, do make sure to let us know about it.
- Alan

We all have the Power.
All we need are the Keys.

Thanks, Alan!
Quote from: "val"

You've done an incredible job with ListMailPro - in more ways than one.

I remember, always, the support I received when I purchased LMP - a return phone call years ago. WHO does that?!

And the program itself is powerful. It stands head and shoulders above other scripts and services.

Your support on the forum is commendable. This takes a lot of time and work. Your efforts are amazing.

ListMailPro is my number one recommendation for folks with a just a bit of technical savvy. No affiliate link needed - it's a flat out "go get it" recommendation. And for those who are not as technically adept, I let them know you will install for a very reasonable fee.

Thank you for being accessible and helpful. I am looking forward to your next iteration or new venture.

All the best,
- Val

Change Your Life in 18 Days. Free.

Thanks, Val!

Quote from: "an email client"
I wish to know how to redirect a user to a URL after signup. Is this  possible?

Basically what you need to do is set up a Custom HTML "set", modify the "Subscribe Success" page entering the target URL where asked.  Name and save the HTML set and apply it to your list from the "List Settings" page.


Customization, Integration / Ecommerce Templates plugin
« on: June 18, 2007, 01:46:24 am »
This is a plugin for Ecommerce Templates shopping cart software:

Copy the following code into a file named incListMail.php and follow the instructions in the script.
Code: [Select]
// Ecommerce Templates cart plugin by DW

// to enable:
// in vsadmin/inc/incemail.php before this line:
// if($doshowhtml)
// add this:
// include('incListMail.php');
// and upload this file to vsadmin/inc

// incoming vars:
// $custEmail - buyers email
// $ordName - buyers name (first and last)
// $ordAddInfo - additional info
// $ordSessionID

// ListMail custom fields
// user1 - order 'additional info'
// user2 - product id
// user3 - product name

// only show test output to my IP
if($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']==''$test=1; else $test='';

// get product id via ordSessionID
$row=mysql_query("select cartProdID from cart where cartSessionID = '".addslashes($ordSessionID)."';") or print(mysql_error());

// get product name via product id
$row=mysql_query("select pName from products where pID = '$prodid';") or print(mysql_error());

// split up first and last name (yes, I cheated)
list($fname,$n1,$n2,$n3)=explode(' ',$ordName);
$lname trim($n1.' '.$n2.' '.$n3);

"verify variables...:<br>
$custEmail - buyers email<br>
$fname - buyers first name<br>
$lname - buyers last name<br>
$ordAddInfo - additional info<br>
$ordSessionID - session ID<br>
$prodid - product id<br>
$pname - product name<br>";

// example to change list based on product
// if($prodid=='example') $list = '1';
// elseif($prodid=='example2') $list = '2';
// else $list = '4';

// just set list to 4
$list '4';

// ListMail database connection
// Enter your MySQL Information! (Copy & paste from LM config.php)
$sqlhost 'localhost';
$sqluser 'USERNAME';
$sqlpass 'PASSWORD';
$sqldb 'DATABASE';

// check if user was previously removed, skip if so, otherwise overwrite_dupes=1
$row=mysql_query("select id from lm_users where list = '$list' and email like '".addslashes($custEmail)."' and cnf = '2';") or print(mysql_error());
$test) echo "removed=$removed<br>";
// add user to listmail
 // get listmailpath
list($lmp)=@mysql_fetch_row(mysql_query("select listmailpath from lm_config where 1;",$link2));
$url $lmp."signup.php?list=$list&email=".urlencode($custEmail)."&fname=".urlencode($fname)."&lname=".urlencode($lname)."&overwrite_dupes=1&user1=".urlencode($ordAddInfo)."&user2=".urlencode($prodid)."&user3=".urlencode($pname);
$test) echo "URL=$url<br>"


Good luck! :D

General Help & How-To / Importing users from aWeber - HOWTO
« on: June 01, 2007, 11:40:37 am »
It seems aWeber decided to quote some fields but not others and it confuses ListMail. Here's what to do:

1. Load the .CSV file in Excel
2. Select the entire "A" column by clicking "A", at the top
3. Click "Data" in the toolbar and choose "Text to Columns"
4. Choose "Delimited" and click Next
5. Make sure under "Delimiters" only "Comma" is checked. Also make sure the "Text qualifier" is set to a double-quote. Click Next
6. If it asks anything, click Yes
7. Choose "File" in the toolbar, then "Save As" and choose *.CSV. The resulting CSV file should be able to be imported into ListMail.


General Help & How-To / Importing users from aWeber - HOWTO
« on: June 01, 2007, 11:40:13 am »
It seems aWeber decided to quote some fields but not others and it confuses ListMail. Here's what to do:

1. Load the .CSV file in Excel
2. Select the entire "A" column by clicking "A", at the top
3. Click "Data" in the toolbar and choose "Text to Columns"
4. Choose "Delimited" and click Next
5. Make sure under "Delimiters" only "Comma" is checked. Also make sure the "Text qualifier" is set to a double-quote. Click Next
6. If it asks anything, click Yes
7. Choose "File" in the toolbar, then "Save As" and choose *.CSV. The resulting CSV file should be able to be imported into ListMail.


General Help & How-To / Recommended reading on email delivery and more
« on: April 06, 2007, 05:52:32 am »
I found some -very- interesting articles recently that I recommend everyone read - they're that good!

I am excited to continue developing ListMail (I have been recently) with this advice in mind.

Enjoy 8)

Email Web Hosting / DreamHost is no longer recommended
« on: February 26, 2007, 10:25:56 pm »
I would like to express my apologies for any statements I made that DreamHost had "given up" on delivering email to AOL.  I was wrong. They truly do appear to be doing all they can.  I look forward to working with DreamHost again - they have an excellent control panel and highly knowledgeable staff.

DreamHost has been re-added, along with some comments, as a "Recommended" host:

Email Web Hosting, Servers & Domains Reviewed


Email Web Hosting / Email Web Hosting, Servers & Domains Reviewed
« on: February 10, 2007, 07:44:51 pm »
This post is severely outdated and many of these hosts are no longer recommended.  Please visit our new page on email hosting for our most recent reviews of web hosts and providers.

This post is meant to become a frequently updated list of web hosts that are reasonably supportive of opt-in email.  We also note hosts that are not recommended due to confirmation of restrictive policies. Please reply to this thread or start a new post with your experience to have it added. This list is maintained and sponsored by ListMailPRO.

Domain Names
You need a domain name and a web host to set up your site and run ListMailPRO.  Here we list some domain name providers that are fairly priced and full featured.

Namecheap - Highly recommended.  Under $10/yr with full DNS services and a very fast control panel great for handling hundreds of domains.

1&1 Domains - $8/yr with free optional private registration and full DNS services, although their control panel is quite slow.

GoDaddy - Not recommended for domain registration due to policing the content of your domain (!).  See this blog entry of the experience of one of my clients!  IMHO policing content should be a host's job, not a registrar's and one shouldn't be forced to pay to continue using their services in case of a suspected violation.

Shared Hosts
Shared hosts are the most common form of hosting.  Costing around $10-$25 per month you share a server with other users.  A single server might host 10 or even 100 or more web sites.  For this reason, "bigger" shared hosts are not always better - in fact, they are more often restrictive.  It is most important, of course, to find a host that is capable of keeping the server running and maintaining deliverability of your email. Should you find a host not recommended below please post your experience!

#1 ThirdSphere - I talked to technical support and they said they recommend ListMailPRO due to it's efficiency.  They allow up to 20,000 emails per day.  They also have an advanced email cluster service that claims to achieve very high deliverability.  Thirdsphere is known to have a high tolerance for (inevitable) complaints against your messages, however they are also on the lookout for obvious spam, so be sure to send professional email.  *Important* Their email policies can be found here

#2 Host4Profit - I talked to David Hasbrouck and he agreed I could suggest 10,000 emails per day, but I have a feeling they would allow more for real professionals.

1&1 Shared Hosting - We have had mixed reports regarding 1&1 and are unsure of their email policies.  If you know more please let us know!  Update: Apparent inability to connect to SMTP server via web server limiting ListMail to slower and more unreliable "internal PHP mail" only.

**Sign up as our referral at ThirdSphere, Host4Profit or DreamHost (Note: 100/hr limit) and contact us for a free installation! ($50 value)

Dedicated Servers
Dedicated servers are a sure way to keep an eye on your email delivery right down to the system level.  You can achieve upwards of 150,000+ messages per day from a properly-configured dedicated server (AND proper 100% opt-in list).  We configure Plesk-based (Fedora Core/Redhat/BSD/etc) servers for $250 and monitor them for $35/mo.  (Note: Tons of extras:) ) Please contact us if you are interested in this service.  In general we recommend ordering the lowest-end processor and at least 1GB RAM.

Layered Tech - Best prices we've seen in some time although at last check, unless we missed it, serial console is not provided by default although you can pay for 24-hour KVM access.  Tech support responds quickly to support tickets and will test your crashed/problematic server, if necessary.  Support & reboots through the ticket system.

The Planet - A solid company with excellent support and response time.  I've had a couple servers with The Planet since 2002 and have never been disappointed in their response time or service.

These (shared, usually) web hosts are not recommended for ListMailPRO.  If you are hosting on one of these sites and want to run ListMailPRO I would bring it to the attention of the host, requesting an increase in their limits for responsible publishers.  Failing that, you would be advised to migrate to a host with a fair email policy.

DreamHost - Originally DreamHost allowed upwards of 5000 messages per day.  Some of our users, however, have found other limits, such as a 100/hour maximum and performance issues.  Due to this we can no longer recommend DreamHost.

HostGator - Not recommended due to restrictive policy.  Cannot set up bounce.cgi or signup-X.cgi scripts due to wget restriction (wget requirement may disappear in future ListMail versions). [Contact]

GoDaddy - Not recommended due to restrictive policy.  Maximum of 200 emails per account per day. [Contact]

1&1 Root Servers - Good price, excellent control panel with remote reboot, serial console, free backup space via FTP, re-imaging, rescue boot and more... is tempting, but human tech support lacks greatly with telephone (to a call-center in India, I think?) being the quickest.  One major disadvantage is the inability to upgrade server hardware in case you outgrow your original purchase. *** I recently had a nightmare with 1&1 not replacing failed hardware for upwards of 4 days (On top of the fact that the department is not 24 hr) and had to move a number of clients to a new server.  I therefore no longer recommend 1&1 servers ***

The ListMail interface in it's current form looks good.  It looks real good.  It is nice and compact and easy to navigate and yet, it is also very limited. One major issue is that the page is fixed width as are many buttons and options.  This prevents us from allowing other languages or and adding some new features because it just wouldn't look right.

Here's what I propose:

A page header, left menu, body and footer.

The header would contain the logo and big bold letters showing the current page (as it is now). Optionally, other information could be shown in the header such as the current time.

The left menu would be "nowrap", as wide as it's longest element, with one option per line.  Section headers and ALL sub pages could be shown in this menu, making every feature just a click or two away.

Code: [Select]
 - Backup & Restore
 - Databases

List Settings
 - Add List
 - Custom HTML
 - Signup Forms

The body would list all the options for each page line by line and not side by side and crammed together as it is now.

The design would be much simpler and would allow for easy expansion of a number of features that might take advantage of the page width such as the User database page, Quick load feature, etc.

Furthermore, ListMail's CSS style sheet needs to be rewritten, and what better time than when redoing the layout.  Done right this could provide for themes with templates or at least the option to change colors, fonts, message box widths and more.

I think a layout change is needed for ListMailPRO - do you?

Please take the time to vote.

Regards and thanks

General Help & How-To / Having trouble delivering to Yahoo lately?
« on: November 14, 2006, 07:48:05 am »
Check out this very informative post about the recent prevalence of the following error in server mail logs:


Testimonials, Feedback / Go for it!
« on: November 11, 2006, 01:39:17 am »
Quoted from this post
Quote from: "cindi"
I am always ALWAYS leary of upgrading scripts. I've always lived by the rule if it ain't broke don't fix it. It goes against my nature to change things that are working for me. However, you have added so many new features and made some corrections to problems (which I did't realize existed-as it was already working so well) so I took the plunge. Thank you so much for your wonderful product. The upgrade went extremely well!
To anyone out there that hesitates to upgrade or purchase this script..I can only say one thing. Go for it! Dean writes a program/script that works-first time, every time and one that will far exceed your expectations as well as being a valuable tool way beyond the cost of the product!

Thank you so much for this great program. :D

Thank you, Cindi - I do my best!  8)

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