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General Help & How-To / How is completed set to 0 to start sending?
« Last post by BGSWebDesign on January 14, 2016, 06:56:20 am »

One last piece of the puzzle. For some unknown reason my Listmail installation has stopped working normally.  What I've found is that the queue protection table lm_sendp gets loaded with the batch when Dailymail runs every day, and the 'completed' field ( lm_sendp->completed ) always gets initialized to 'q', which prevents the resume function from ever sending that mail, until apparently it gets set to '0'? 

Here is the code in Admin (line 2831) that sets it to 'q':
Code: [Select]
mysql_query("insert into $ptable values('','".addslashes($bat)."','".addslashes($qtype)."','".addslashes($doformid)."','$now','$now','','q');") or die(mysql_error());

I'm trying to locate the of code that sets the value of lm_sendp->completed to '0' so the sending can start?

Can anyone let me know where that code is - or if there is some other way that this value in lm_sendp gets set to '0' so that the sending can start?  I've noticed if I manually set that to '0' everything is fine and the sending commences, but if I do not, all that happens is the queue gets loaded with all the Followups and other Dailymail mail, but never gets sent - it just sits there?

I'm not sure why this just started happening, but my guess is it might have something to do with PHP code running differently?  I cannot think of anything else that would cause it, I've been running ListmailPro just fine for 12 years now!

Thanks in advance...

General Help & How-To / Re: Queue stuck
« Last post by BGSWebDesign on January 07, 2016, 10:11:16 am »

Can you please tell me the mechanism (code) that sets the lm_sendp (queue protection table) completed field (lm_sendp->completed) to '0', so that it can start sending?  Is that done in Dailymail.php?

The reason I'm asking is that I think I found my problem.... I know it makes no sense, but none of my Dailymail followups send, BUT, every time I do a Selection Send (even to the same email addresses), it works just fine, so I suspected there was some other problem.

What I found is that my lm_sendp table had all of my Dailymail followup batches listed in it with completed field set to 'q', which meant that it would NEVER try to send those, even though they had just been loaded up?

Why that is occurring I don't know, so I'm trying to locate the code that should set that value (lm_sendp->completed) to '0' (ok to send) so that my Dailymail followups can continue to send properly? 

If I can locate that code, and make sure it is being run - after the queue of followups is loaded, then it's likely I can get everything running properly again.
Customization, Integration / Re: Import follow up emails
« Last post by BGSWebDesign on January 04, 2016, 05:29:50 pm »

What exactly is the error message?  If you need immediate assistance I can also provide paid support, follow the link in my signature below.


Can you tell me, would this affect the standard Dailymail running? It keeps choking, over and over again... while I can run User Selection queries and Broadcast emails to that same group of people without any problem.   

When I run Dailymail, it locks every time and gets stuck on an email address, not sure why?   When I send User Selection broadcasts to the same list of names, they all get delivered? 

So, it appears this is having some affect on Dailymail running properly to deliver the normal follow-ups?

Server Optimization, Tweaks / Re: Delayed sending and Deferred?
« Last post by BGSWebDesign on December 11, 2015, 08:20:54 am »
Still no replies here?

I'm once again faced with the problems integrating Yahoo's feedback loop into ListMailPRO.  It's going to require a custom Dailymail routine that will also check the Yahoo Feedback loop inbox, and remove those users as HARD BOUNCES.   DW, do you have any code to handle this?

Recently - I found I'm still receiving tons of deferred messages from Yahoo... a bit ridiculous considering I've been sending email to yahoo addresses for nearly 20 years now!

Here's some information about it from Yahoo:

Thanks DW, that's exactly what I needed.

It appears directly related to Yahoo complaint FBL, which I need to process through Dailymail to remove bad emails.  Can you please let me know if you have code for Yahoo Complaint Feedback Loop (ARF) processing - per this post:

Almost all of these issues are returned emails - bounces appearing because of Yahoo.  I'm afraid if I add the Bounce string code to remove those, which would be this:
Code: [Select]
temporarily deferred due to user complaints
That I would lose 1/2 of my subscribers, or more!  It appears that you can re-send to those that are being deferred at a later point (per Yahoo), but if Complaint FBL processing is not in place, they will continue to be returned, over and over...

General Help & How-To / Re: Running Dailymail multiple times for bounce processing only?
« Last post by DW on December 11, 2015, 03:30:22 am »

Try ?nolastran=1&nomaint=1&nosched=1&nofups=1&noscfup=1&noremind=1&pw=...

This disables updating the "last ran" value (could prevent the regular dailymail execution), maintenance, scheduled messages, followups, scheduled followup changes, confirmation reminders, and leaves bounce processing by mailbox enabled (nobounce=1 would disable it).


I have a situation where I would like to run dailymail several times/day, just so that it can run it's 'bounce processing', as I'm getting tons of 'delayed message' emails in my bounce email account.

I did see this post:

Which indicates that there is an undocumented way to run dailymail without followup processing, can you please tell me, does this way of running
dailymail ALSO turn off all other processing EXCEPT for bounce processing?

From your previous post it says: &nosched=1 (option to suppress scheduled message processing.), basically I'm wanting to run dailymail like this from the Dailymail screen in LMP:
[ ] Do not allow dailymail to be run automatically until 23 hours 55 minutes has elapsed. (Recommended)

Manually Execute Dailymail

Whether the time has elapsed or not you may run dailymail manually and choose whether or not to update the last execution time.

[ ] Update last execution time. I understand that dailymail may not run at the next scheduled execution.

If you wish, you may select certain parts of dailymail to be skipped.

  • Skip maintenance
  • Skip scheduled followup set application
  • Skip scheduled messages
  • Skip followup message/user processing and sending
  • Skip confirmation reminders

[ ] Skip bounce via mailbox

Please let me know if the: &nosched=1 command line option for dailymail would run it exactly as I've indicated above?

Customization, Integration / Re: Import follow up emails
« Last post by ioanevans on December 07, 2015, 04:23:29 am »
I tried this solution, getting an error message. I can see its going back to 2006! Is there a way we can utilise this sort of import?



You could add this anywhere near the top of admin.php after the opening <?php tag:

Code: [Select]
or you or your host could add this to php.ini:

Code: [Select]
date.timezone = UTC
UTC could be replaced with your preferred server-supported timezone, e.g. America/New_York

Per and

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