Author Topic: Subject of multiple bounced emails contain same email address in subject line  (Read 4964 times)


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Hi there,

For a while now we've had an issue where after Daily Mail runs and purges the bounced email it finds, the subject for all emails contain the same email address (maybe the first one that List Mail detected bouncing?). However, when you go down into the contents of the email error, the email address that is actually bouncing is different.

For example:

Subject: 'List 3: Bouncing User Removed -' (where 'sender' and 'emaildomain' replaces the actual sender and domain for privacy reasons).

'A user has been removed from your list: My List Name

Their information was as follows:


....and then down further in the bounced email error message....

'X-Failed-Recipients:' (the actual email that was bouncing, not what was in the subject or Email: fields above this'

>     host []
>     SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<>:
>     552 Mailbox limit exeeded for this email address'

Why is this happening and how to I fix it?