Email Web Hosting

With the amount of spam out there, email marketing can be a touchy subject. We've reviewed some hosts and server providers below.

We offer installation and support services for all types of hosting.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosts are good for small email lists. Email policies can vary, so please browse the terms of service carefully and/or inquire about limits while reassuring the host you will act professionally. Often smaller, newer, less-established hosts will have more relaxed limits as they are less likely to have been plagued with abuse. ListMailPRO can be configured to delay sending to accommodate hosts with hourly limitations.

HitDirector – Email-centric hosting with no hourly limits.
Bluehost / HostMonster – Both are essentially the same company. Basic hosting plan is initially limited to 150/hr but with a call to technical support can be raised to 750/hr. Pro hosting plan (~$20/mo) allows 2000/hr.
HostGator – Limit 500/hr
SiteGround – Limit 400/hr
HostMetro – Limit 300/hr, 3000/day

VPS and Dedicated Servers

VPS and dedicated servers are good for email lists with tens or even hundreds of thousands of users. There are typically no limits to the speed or volume of email that can be sent. Most importantly you get exclusive control over the reputation of your sending IP(s). A VPS with at least a couple gigs of RAM is recommended. With full dedicated servers, the cheapest, lowest-power offer is usually fine for sending large amounts of email. A Linux-based VPS or server with a control panel (e.g. Plesk, CPanel, Webmin) is recommended. Some technical know-how or the willingness to learn may be required. As always, please familiarize yourself with the provider's terms of use and email policies.

We are not currently affiliated with any VPS providers so try a search for a cheap VPS.

1&1 Servers – One of the most affordable server providers we know of and the only one we recommend at this time for the same reason – other providers are often much more expensive.

Domain Registration

In addition to hosting you will need to register a domain name. This is best done at a domain registrar rather than a web host that may or may not have provisions for you to manage your domain if you cancel or change your web hosting provider.

Namecheap – Free DNS services and privacy protection at reasonable rates.

Please use ListMailPRO responsibly

It is up to you to make sure you do not negatively affect your host or server provider. We strongly discourage sending email to any list you have not built yourself. We do not recommend using any host to "clean" purchased or obtained lists by asking users to confirm subscriptions they didn't request. Such actions are very likely to quickly get your server IP blacklisted by various spam watch lists. In shared environments where you don't have your own IP for email, this will immediately adversely affect other users, and your account could be shut down with grounds for punishment including forfeit of your hosting payment.

ListMailPRO is a powerful tool. Please use it responsibly so we can continue to recommend these shared and dedicated email hosting providers!

* We are currently on the lookout for more email-friendly hosts and server providers. Please let us know if you find any!

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