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ListMailPRO is a PHP script, or web application, that is installed on your web site. You can use it to collect and manage email addresses of people interested in your products and ideas. Terms often attributed to what ListMailPRO can do include: email marketing, autoresponder, mailing list, e-zine, newsletter, followups, opt-in, opt-out. ListMailPRO lets you control unlimited e-mailing lists of almost any sort. It gives you the power to easily and conveniently publish to hundreds of thousands of people in timely, personal, professional fashion.

What Features Can I Expect?

Your lists can have pre-set timed sequential followup messages, starting from when a user subscribes. All of your emails can be personalized with easy-to-insert message codes that are automatically replaced with dynamic information generated at sending time. You can recruit subscribers to the list(s) of your choice with a form on your web site or by having them send a blank email to the address(es) of your choice. Text and HTML are sent together in the same message with "multi-part" email, with the subscriber's email client deciding which version to show. Bouncing addresses can be handled on the fly, with an included CGI script, or each day with any standard POP mailbox.

How Does it Work?

Your ListMailPRO settings, users, Custom HTML, everything is stored in a MySQL database on your web host. Not only are MySQL databases very efficient for handling data but, when upgrades are released, you can simply overwrite the files and ListMailPRO will automatically update the database. Even though the files are overwritten, your data is safe and sound. Plus, being able to change the database structure means any feature you can imagine can be put into the program.

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