Technical Support

Many choose to install ListMailPRO themselves using the Online Help, but if you have further questions or require hands-on assistance, we've got you covered.

Free support is provided via the members-only Forum, where a number of questions have already been answered. When you become a ListMailPRO owner, you will be able to create a forum account. We aim to respond to forum inquiries within a few days.

Professional Support

If you just want a professional to handle it, we have a number of paid hands-on technical support options. In most cases, service will begin within 24 hours. Highlight and click the type of support you want. After purchase, a secure support ticket will be created and you will be asked to submit further information.

You must be logged in and own at least one ListMailPRO licence to access hands-on technical support.

Full Installation$60A technician will access your web host, server or VPS to perform a full installation of ListMailPRO.
Update$25A technician will access your web host, server or VPS to update ListMailPRO to the latest version and check for common configuration errors.
General Support$40A technician will access your web host, server or VPS to investigate one or more problems with an existing ListMailPRO installation. You should already have the program installed, updated and configured to the best of your ability.
Server Setup$90A technician will access your dedicated server or VPS to set up server software, configure a reasonable number of domains, install ListMailPRO and optimize the mail system.
Other / Bug InvestigationFREEIf we have requested access or you suspect a bug in the program you can securely submit the information we need to investigate.

Support tickets are left open for a reasonable amount of time, up to several months, in case you have any followup questions or problems.

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