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Can you used listmailpro with a shopify store?


Steven Hemmings:
I've had this software for years but never used it. Could someone tell if listmailpro can be set up to work with a shopify store? I do have my own domain, but the webstore is run from the shopify platform. I'm not sure if it can be integrated with shopify. Please help.



Hi, Shopify doesn't offer full-fledged hosting with PHP, MySQL and email-sending support so you would not be able to run LMP there but would need a separate host. If you were to set up LMP on another host, for example using a subdomain of your main domain, it may be possible to collect emails on Shopify and then send them with LMP, but it would take some custom code to sync the emails with LMP. Specifically, a script could run periodically to use the Shopify API to check Shopify customer properties for the "accepts_marketing" field and add them to LMP if they weren't added before.


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