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This section deals with perhaps the trickiest part of the installation, setting up "email aliases" to forward email to CGI scripts. The process is needed for bounce.cgi and blank email subscribe, if you wish to use them.

You will notice a sub-directory within the ListMailPRO distribution zip file, named /cgi. In this folder you will find three example files, bounce.cgi, signup-list1.cgi, and signup-list2.cgi. These are the files that are used to facilitate on-the-fly bounced message processing and signup by blank email. (Signup by email is optional – many use form-based subscription alone.)

There are four steps to setting these up:

  1. Modify each CGI script to contain your ListMailPRO URL. In the case of signup scripts, set the $list variable to the list you want to subscribe to.
  2. Upload your scripts to your, usually pre-created, /cgi-bin folder on your host.
  3. Determine your server's method and set up "email aliases" for each of your desired address to script redirections.
  4. Test if it worked.

You can test if bounce.cgi is working by clicking Test Mail Settings on the Configuration page, or by sending an email to your bounce address with the word TESTBOUNCE in the subject line.

You can test if your signup scripts are working by sending a blank email to the address configured in your email alias. If the welcome message is enabled you should receive it shortly after sending the blank email.

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