Online Help » Configure Scripts Locally

Make the following modifications to each CGI script using a text editor such as Notepad. These scripts can be found in the /cgi directory of your extracted ListMailPRO distribution files.


Set the $listmail_url variable correctly for your site and directory in which ListMailPRO is installed. For example, if you installed ListMailPRO to a sub-folder named /mail then you would modify the variable as follows:

$listmail_url = ''


Modify the $listmail_url variable exactly as you did for bounce.cgi.

Set the $list variable to one or more lists. For example:

$list= '1'


$list= '1,3,2'

Note: If you want more than one signup script with different target lists, you can set up more scripts, ie. signup-list2.cgi. These scripts are simply pointed to by the email addresses you configure. You can have any number of email aliases pointing to each one.

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