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First, modify bounce.cgi and signup-list1.cgi to contain your ListMailPRO URL. Then, upload them to your /cgi-bin directory and CHMOD (set permissions) them to 755.

Your server should support procmail. If you're unsure, ask your host. We need to put a file called .procmailrc in your HOME directory.

Create the following file with a text-editor such as Notepad:


* ^
| /path/to/your/cgi-bin/bounce.cgi

* ^
| /path/to/your/cgi-bin/signup-list1.cgi
  • Replace with your bounce address.
  • Replace with the signup address of your choice.
  • Replace /path/to/your/cgi-bin with the full server path to your cgi-bin.

If you have created additional signup scripts, you can add those too. Copy the 3 line format above for as many addresses as you want and files as you have set up.

Upload the file to your home directory (not your /public_html or equivalent directory, the one up from that) and rename the new remote file to .procmailrc

Note: The reason for renaming these files once they've been uploaded is because on a Windows platform you can't have a file with a period as the first letter of the filename, ie: .procmailrc, or otherwise. It is recommended that you rename the file once you have uploaded it with FTP.

If the above procedure doesn't work, ask your host to create an alias for you. For servers running sendmail they may need to edit the /etc/aliases file. Make sure to inform them about the correct path to bounce.cgi and ask that all emails to your bounce address are forwarded through the cgi script.

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