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For ListMailPRO to be able to use your server's MySQL database capabilities (required) we must enter access information into the file config.php.txt. Once you have navigated to the ListMailPRO directory where you extracted the .zip file, double-click on the file config.php.txt. You will be asked which program to open the file with, scroll down to Notepad. Select it and press ok or simply double-click it.

If you don't know your database information, look in your hosting Control Panel. If MySQL is available, you should have access to a page where you can create and manage databases and users. If you don't have a database configured, set up a database and a username with a password. On some hosts a third step is required where you must add the user to the database.

config.php.txt is a PHP script file that must keep proper format. Be careful not to remove any quotes or semicolons. Below is what you might see in the file before it is modified:

$sqlhost = 'localhost';
$sqluser = 'USERNAME';
$sqlpass = 'PASSWORD';
$sqldb = 'DATABASE';

On the majority of web hosts we will use localhost as the host name. This means it will connect to the same server the script is running on. Some hosts have a separate server for MySQL databases and will provide a hostname for you to use.

Enter your hostname, username, password, and database in the spaces provided, to look like so:

$sqlhost = 'localhost';
$sqluser = 'mysite_user';
$sqlpass = 'myPass1234';
$sqldb = 'mysite_mail';

Now, and most importantly, save the file as config.php, not config.php.txt. The reason we do this is so that your config file is not overwritten when updates are released.

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