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ListMailPRO lets you fully customize the web pages displayed to the user when subscribing and unsubscribing, even the error pages! You can set it up to look like your site or have ListMailPRO automatically forward the user to another page. The choices are endless because you can enter a full HTML page that has dynamic data from ListMail inserted directly into it with message codes.

Each list can use any of the saved Custom HTML page templates. Click the Custom HTML button, found in the List Settings menu, to edit the Custom HTML applied to the current list.

To enter a new Custom HTML template, browse to "List Settings" -> "Custom HTML". Click "New" and then "Rename" the new template. Set up each page of the template as you wish, then go back to "List Settings". Under "Custom HTML" (ON the List Settings page) in the dropdown choose your new template. Now, "Save" the settings.

There is considerable explanation about each page on the editing pages themselves.

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