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Type "which wget" at the shell prompt. If it says "no wget" then wget is not available to you in the default location. This is common on servers running control panel software, such as Ensim, that use a "chroot" environment, which restricts access to your home directory.

Note: Under Ensim, and in other environments like it, it is also possible to have the administrator "copy" the /usr/bin/wget binary from the system folder to your virtual folder with the command:

cp /usr/bin/wget /home/virtual/

To install wget manually, first download and compile wget using the shell. If the common utility "lynx" is not available you may have to FTP this file to access it.


When lynx loads hit "d" to download

When it prompts you to "Save to Disk" hit Enter twice to save and use the default filename.

Exit lynx by typing "q" then "y".

Now, the wget source file should be on your server, extract it, configure, and compile it.

tar xzf wget-1.8.2.tar.gz
cd wget-1.8.2

Move the compiled file to the directory of your choice

mv src/wget /usr/bin/wget

remove the source files:

cd ..
rm -rf wget-1.8.2

All done. Make sure your cron task and bounce / signup CGI scripts contain the correct path to wget.

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