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The scheduler allows you to set a message to be sent at a later date. You can write your newsletter in advance and send messages while you are away. The scheduler is also useful for people with dial-up connections and large lists as a browser connection is not required. The message is saved and will be sent by dailymail when it executes on the set date.

Scheduled Saved Sets

This feature allows you to load a set of followups to your list on a certain date. All of your list followups will be deleted, then the saved set will be loaded and all users on the list reset before followup processing occurs on that day. If your first followup is Seq 1 Delay 0 that followup will go out that day.

Additional Notes

Keep in mind that times can vary. The actual day/time your message is sent is based on your server's current time, time zone, and the time dailymail is scheduled to execute.

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