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If you have an email list you probably want a subscription box somewhere on your web site.

ListMailPRO comes with an easy to use generator to get you started with the design of your subscription forms. Look for the Signup Code button in the List Settings menu.

Your HTML form should post to the ListMailPRO signup.php script using an absolute URL, as follows:

<form method=post action=>

Several variables can be used in the form:

  • list – The List Ref # of the list to subscribe to.
  • lists[] – Array used for multi-list subscribe. (see below)
  • fname – The user's first name.
  • lname – The user's last name.
  • email – The user's email address.
  • user1 thru user10 – Custom fields.
  • submode – Can have a value of sub or unsub.
  • htmail – Can have a value of html or text.
  • allowdupes – Set to any value to allow duplicate email addresses on the list(s) without error.
  • overwritedupes – Set to any value to cause duplicate email addresses to be overwritten without error.
  • seq – Manual setting of user's seq value, default is first followup on the list
  • del – Manual setting of user's delay value, default is taken from first followup on the list
  • chtmlid – Manual setting of Custom HTML set to use

Some of these variables are essential to the operation of the signup script. The list and email fields are required, the rest are optional.

Single List Subscription

To allow subscription to a single list, use a hidden element, as follows:

<input type=hidden name=list value=1>

Choice Between Lists

To provide the user a choice between lists, use the following code to declare the list variable.

<input type=radio name=list value=1>Subscribe to list 1
<input type=radio name=list value=2>Subscribe to list 2
<input type=radio name=list value=3>etc..

Multi-List Subscription

To provide a multi-list subscription form use the lists[] array, set up your form as follows:

<input type=hidden name=lists[] value=1>
<input type=checkbox name=lists[] value=2>Subscribe to list 2
<input type=checkbox name=lists[] value=3>Subscribe to list 3

Each list is checked for duplicates and required information. Any errors will return the first error-producing list's Custom HTML error page and halt the signup. A successful signup with multiple lists will result in the first successful list's Custom HTML page being shown. Each successfully subscribed to list's settings for welcome and/or confirmation emails are checked, and the messages sent, if enabled.

Additional Notes

HTML forms are just one way you can accept subscribers to your lists. You can also set up blank email subscription with the included CGI scripts (see related), use a 3rd party script with a ListMailPRO plugin, or insert users from custom scripts.

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