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The Test Mail Settings feature, in the Configuration menu, is used to test if SMTP and bounced message processing are set up and working correctly. First make sure you have entered a Remote Test Address and it is not an address on your server. Set this to a HotMail, Yahoo!, or ISP mail account for the test. Also, if you are using bounce.cgi bounced processing make sure you have set your Administrator Email Address so you can receive the bounce success message.

Click the Test Mail Settings button. You will be shown a series of messages stating success or failure for your configuration.

Check your email at your Remote Test Address for an SMTP success message.

Subject: ListMail SMTP Test: Success!
Message: Success!

If using bounce.cgi, check your email at your Administrator Email Address for the following message:

Subject: ListMail bounce.cgi Test: Success!
Message: The test message was successfully received and processed by ListMail's bounce.cgi.
This most likely means that the script is configured correctly.

If you do not receive an expected message make changes to your settings and try again.

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